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Thank you a lot Gordon to translate.

French Connection Match Play Singles


Rules for Match Play Singles 2016

The 3rd tournament of the French Connection's Match Play Singles will take place from Jan 25th to October 10th 2016.

Because we now total 64 members it is easy to operate the competition in two categories: members will be allocated to a category according to their exact handicap.

So, there will be 32 members in each category and matches will be played on a simple elimination basis, round by round.

Lucas Sienaert will oversee the tournament. Any player who needs information about a match should communicate directly with him. If there is a problem to resolve, he will bring it to the attention of the committee.



We have decided to enrol all our members into this competition automatically this year, since some people who wished to participate last year could not be accommodated. Therefore, those who do not wish to play this year should tell Lucas so that he can rewrite the tables. In this way any new member might then be able to fill the vacated place. Each player is required to pay 5 euros entrance fee at the start of the competition. This ensures there will be a prize fund of over 180 euros for 2016.



The tables showing the categories and matches will be posted on the French Connection's blog as well as on the large notice board at Bonalba Golf Club (under the stairs, on the right.)

The Committee reserves the right to make any changes should this be necessary.



All matches will be played at Bonalba.

It is each player's responsibility to get in touch with his/her opponent (contact details are in FC's agenda), and to inform Lucas of the arranged date. There should be some leeway over when the match takes place in order to allow for different players' availability. However, the final date of each round must be respected.

Those members who are only here for limited periods in the year should signal their availability clearly to Lucas in order not to interfere with the smooth running of the competition. With the agreement of the opponent, matches could then be advanced in the schedule whenever possible.

The final dates for each round are as follows:

1st Round: 16 matches in each category - 30 May

2nd Round: 8 matches in each category - 30 July

3rd Round:  4 matches in each category - 30 August

4th Round:  2 matches in each category - 20 September

Final:           Before 15 October 2016

Any player who is unable to meet a deadline will be eliminated from the competition, and the opponent receives a bye to the next round.

If there are genuine problems which prevent play - weather conditions, condition of the course, participation of players in other official competitions, or an urgent personal problem - then Lucas is authorised to advance or delay matches, but in such a way that the overall running of the competition is not compromised.



Matches will be played in match play medal format.

A player's most frequently used handicap is the one to be used for this competition. The calculation of number of strokes given is the simple difference between the two handicaps. However, the number of strokes given is restricted to a maximum of 18.

The tees to be used are the normal ones in use on the course - men from the yellow tees, ladies from the red.

On tee 1 the player with the lower handicap has the honour - thereafter it depends on the winner of the previous hole (or on countback after a half.)

Holes are either won, lost or halved.

If scores are equal after 18 holes the match continues to a play-off, following this formula:

Play continues over holes 10 and 18 as many times as necessary. If play is not immediately possible on hole 10, the course Marshall and Lucas may authorise play to continue from hole 1.  (There is no option for the players to decide which holes to play - whenever it is possible, play must continue from hole 10.)

The match must be completed on the same day, without interruption..

R&A rules govern how the match is conducted.

In match play, any problem arising during the play of a hole has to be resolved immediately, i.e. before teeing-off at the next hole. This is because any eventual penalty incurred may involve loss of hole.

If there is any subsequent contesting of the result, the players will need to convene on the next available Friday to appeal to a member of the committee.

After the match the winner should communicate the result to Lucas. In this way the table on the blog and the notice board can be updated.

Competition committee members:



Stan Tarabula (if necessary)             

                                                                           18 December 2015








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